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  • outsourced bookkeeping
outsourced bookkeeping
"What a pleasure to work with. A time and hassle saver. Knew the challenges from the first glance and helped us get through a difficult migration from one software suite to another. Would highly recommend Roby!"
David -Superior work
Consulting, QuickBooks consulting
"Roby is super smart with Quick Books and was able to share his knowledge with us. He never made us feel comfortable if we asked a question on something that he had previously covered. We enjoyed how he taught.He would show us and have us take the wheel to make sure we knew exactly how to process it. We discovered how to pull certain reports that we didnt know how to. Create Budgets and many other things. Overall he is a great ProAdvisor and we are better than ever with Quick Books. Thanks Roby, Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Financial Staff"
Beginners Class for Quick Books
"I was very pleased and impressed with how knowledgeable and meticulous this Pro-Advisor was. He gave us solutions to our QB issues and went out of his way to find answers to questions he was unsure of. He also clarified tax/payroll concerns. We worked with a different proadvisor last year who was unable to find resolution to some inquiries or problems. We felt like our we left with as many or more questions than when we began. We greatly appreciate Roby's time, professionalism, and his going the extra mile. Thank you for all your help!"
Set up and re-classifing class, printing reports
"Roby has been with us for 3+ years. He comes in once a week as a controller and answers questions and works through issues. He is very efficient and helpful. He is easy to talk to and knows how to explain things so that we can understand it. We look forward to him coming in every week and he is a pleasure to work with."
Payroll, part time controller, and support
"I have worked with Roby for a few years and he is very helpful and knowledgeable in business accounting and Quickbooks. Very professional, devoted, commited to our business. Reaching up in every task the excellence. We enjoy being around him because of his easy going personality. He has helped the business a lot and is an asset to the company."
QuickBooks/Accounting/Sales Tax/Reports/Payroll/Advising
"Very pleased with the professionalism, accuracy, and quality of work we have received from Roby. Roby has worked with us for over a year now and we have not had any problems since he has started. Of all the advisors we have tried over the years none compare. If you need an honest, hard working ProAdvisor for your small business no one else is better."
Accounting, Consulting, Troubleshooting, Training
"Roby Stjernvall with Small Business Services, LLC offers a wide variety of services and consultation for your business. He has been extremely helpful in assisting with Quickbooks Training, Bookkeeping, and many other computer programs for our company. His professional and personable nature makes it easy to communicate questions and concerns and in return, receive accurate information and practical advice that is used on an every day basis. I can honestly say that my colleagues and myself have learned so many key principles in many different areas that help our small business function at a much more efficient and profitable level. Small Business Services, LLC would be my first recommendation to anyone just getting their small business started, or for anyone looking to improve upon or learn vital skills necessary to help their already established business operate in a fast-paced, technology-driven world."
Training, Consultation, POS, Accounting
"Being a new business owner and having no exposure to Quickbooks previously, I was skeptical on whether or not I could correctly set up my business in Quickbooks, record one-time and recurring business transactions and provide accurate reporting that I could understand on the financial progress of my business. Roby Stjernvall with Small Business Services was the person I sought for guidance. He provided a learning guide on Quickbooks and answered my follow-up questions immediately. He has been a great person to have in my network by giving me peace of mind knowing that he will be there the next time I need him. I would recommend Roby with Small Business Services to any business for their bookkeeping service needs."
Being a new
“Roby has been very helpful in streamlining the data entry and report generation for my company. I would recommend Roby highly.”
"Roby has been very instrumental in my learning of the QuickBooks program. He has been patient, helpful and explains in an easy to understand manner."