Samantha Blau (she/her/hers) is the couch of one’s Baltimore Leadership Council

Samantha Blau (she/her/hers) is the couch of one’s Baltimore Leadership Council

Katie Ashmore, 2012-14 Jonah ben Avraham, 2017-18 Joanna Blotner, 2015-21 Sarah Brammer-Shlay, 2012-16* Lizzie Busch, 2010-11* Emmanuel Cantor, 2018-20* Emily Carnevale, 2022-23* Pursue Carter, 2018-22 Isaac Deitz-Eco-friendly, 2017-18* Nathaniel Eisen, 2013-14* Rebecca Ennen, 2010-20 Hannah Garelick, 2020-23* Jo-16 Carla Hashley, 2014-21

Elizabeth Heyman, 2016-19* Sam Jewler, 2014-15 Monica Kamen, 2011-14, 2019* Melanie Kesner, 2015-16* Andrew Kirschner, 2015-16 Lori Leibowitz, 2006-07 Holli Levinson, 2014-17 Amy Lieber, 2019-22 Rianna Lloyd, 2019-twenty two Rudy Malcom, 2022-23 Shoshana Maniscalco, 2021-22* Darya Mattes, 2007-09 Liat Melnick, 2015-sixteen Robin Metalitz, 2009-10

Ashley Morse, 2019-20 Sarah -19 Rabbi Elizabeth Richman, 2009-22 Roberta Ritvo, 2015-16 Avi Rosenblit, 2004-06 Rakhel Silverman, 2019-20* Liz Simon-Higgs, 2016-17 Jevera Temsky, 1999-2004 Anya van Wagtendonk, 2015-17 Hannah Weilbacher, 2014-17* Zach Weinstein, 2019-20 Allison Wessells, 2014-15* Matan Zeimer, 2020-23

Sarah Feinberg Corey Feuer Melissa Goemann Yona Gorelick Camille Harris Daryll Jackson Kavitha Kasargod-Staub Rabbi Talia Laster David Mackoff Alli McCracken Ethan Miller Jordon Monk

Shelley Moskowitz Jessie Posilkin Andy Ratto Arno Rosenfeld Colby Sangree Noa Schleifer Sophie Schoenberg Michelle Sternthal Josh Swanner Janelle Treibitz Yosef Webb-Cohen Olivia Zachry

Panel of Administrators

Rabbi Aaron Alexander, 2019-20 Rabbi Erica Asch, 2013 Jim Auerbach, 2001-04 Robert Barkin, 2014-23 Maude Bauschard, 2004 Rabbi Stephanie Bernstein, 2011-fifteen Rabbi Daniel Cotzin Burg are Krasnoyarsk women easy to pick up, 2015-18 Jill Cohen, 2000 Emily DeVoto, 2000-02 Lee Diamond, 1999-2000 Jacob Feinspan, 2006-07 Anna Levine Fink, 2016-18 Elissa Froman, z”l, 2006-thirteen Rabbi Josh Ginsberg, 2004 Alisa Glassman, 2002 Dan Gordon, 2014 Simon Greer, 1999-2001 Roberta Hantgan, 2004-07 Rabbi Doug Heifetz, 2006-07 Carolivia Herron, 2004-05 Evin Isaacson, 2006-07

Rabbi -01 Robin Katcher, 1999-2001 Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Cut off, 2006-09 Rabbi Jessica Kirschner, 2014 Sharlene Kranz, 2008-10 Deena Feinstein Krulewitz, 2014-18 Claire Landers, 2018-23 Laureen Lazarovici, 2002-04 Revital Levi, 1999 Abigail Levine, 2011-15 Ilana Lipsett, 2006 Danielle Lutterman, 1999 David Mackoff, 2008-fourteen Sarah McKenzie, 1999 Rabbi Sarah Meytin, 2009 Joshua Mintz, 2014-2023 Minna Morse, 1999-2001 Shelley Moskowitz, 2001-thirteen Brianne Nadeau, 2011-14 Joelle -13

Rachel Pentlarge, 2000 Lilah Pomerance, 2021-2023 Carrie Port, 2004-05 Ed Rehfeld, 2002-06 Harvey Reiter, 2013-17 Roberta Ritvo, 2010-17 Adina Rosenbaum, 2006-17 Michael Rubin, 2009-18 Rabbi Bob Saks, 2008-fourteen Lenny Sapozhnikov, 2004-six Erin Scharff, 2007 Susanna Shapiro, 2004-06 Rabbi David Shneyer, 1999-20-09 Lauren Spokane, 2016-23 Eli Staub, 2004-07 Rabbi Shira Stutman, 2013-21 Rabbi Alana Suskin, 2004-06 Ericka Taylor, 2018-20 Jevera Temsky, 2007-10 Jon Wheeler, 2008-ten Eric Wiesner, 2000

Baltimore Teams

MOLLY AMSTER MARYLAND Rules Manager & BALTIMORE Manager SARAH HILLER System Movie director RACHEL KUTLER BALTIMORE Senior Organizer LINDY WITTENBERG Correspondence Manager

Baltimore Leaders Council

A resident of Baltimore’s Patterson Park people, she already works well with a land trust protecting urban eco-friendly places. She’s volunteered with JUFJ as the 2016, where day offering testimony inside the Baltimore Town Hallway and you will Maryland Condition panel hearings, doing a Jeremiah Fellowship, and you will offering into antha can be obtained following the finest information away from ice cream.

Michele Levy, vice chair (she/her/hers) is actually attracted to options she thought at JUFJ’s very first Baltimore people appointment that will be pleased getting as the discover their unique throwing domestic. She actually is a person in Baltimore’s Frontrunners Council and you may former co-sofa of the Book Legal strategy party. Michele works while the a business consultant, serves as president out-of Hinenu: This new Baltimore Justice Shtiebl, which will be constantly thinking regarding their next bicycling thrill.

Rabbi Daniel Cotzin Burg (he/him/his) might have been rabbi away from Beth Are Synagogue as , he served from the Anshe Emet Synagogue in Chicago. Ordained by Ziegler College out-of Rabbinic Knowledge in the School out of Judaism in the La (now Western Jewish College or university), the guy keeps an enthusiastic Meters.Good. in the Rabbinic Studies and one in the Jewish Knowledge after that and you can a b.An excellent. in Hebrew Training and you may Anthropology on College of Wisconsin.

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