How to Convince a Functional Alcoholic to Attend Treatment

You will have to work together, as a team if you want to come out of the situation. The only way to stop this from happening is to let your husband know that you won’t tolerate any unacceptable behavior of theirs under any circumstances. This message, when put right, will force them to be in their best mood despite being overly drunk. Things start with a small incident and can lead to bigger uncontrollable incidences that will only bring shame to you and your family. Alcoholism is quite difficult to catch during the initial few meetings, but by the time you get to know about it, it is too late.

  • A high-functioning alcoholic often does such a good job of hiding their issues that other people don’t know the issues exist.
  • Recovery is a lifelong process that doesn’t end once treatment is completed.
  • Having an alcoholic spouse is not a situation you will be forced to go through alone.
  • Table 3 depicts the mean scores, range, and mean percent scores on domains of problems faced by the wives of alcoholics.
  • But if someone in your life has three or more alcoholic beverages per day (two or more for women), they are consuming more than the recommended amount.

As the spouse of a high-functioning alcoholic, life can be stressful for you, too. You may be dealing with your husband’s mood swings, or lies, or excuses—every day can be a series of ups and downs, and you never know what to expect. That means you are always on your guard, and that can be exhausting. You may also be spending a lot of energy covering for him; perhaps you need to take care of the household finances or make excuses if he has to miss family functions or other important events because of his drinking. If you have children, you may be worried about their welfare and safety if, say, your husband has been drinking before driving them to their soccer games. You may also fear that your children are at higher risk of alcoholism later in life if they are exposed to the example being set by the high-functioning alcoholic parent.

Talk to other people in the same situation and get support from them whenever possible

Addiction Resource aims to provide only the most current, accurate information in regards to addiction and addiction treatment, which means we only reference the most credible sources available. When a person is using alcohol to self-medicate, or they are spending a significant amount of time planning events that must include alcohol consumption, it is a red flag that there is an alcohol problem. If you answered ‘yes’ to two or three of these questions, your husband may have a mild alcohol use disorder.

Nearly 20% of alcoholics are highly functional and well-educated with good incomes. Because these types of users appear stable and mostly unaffected by their drinking, the steps to effectively confront a functioning alcoholic and work with them on their behaviors can be even more difficult. Quality addiction treatment centers can help you and your loved one overcome your struggles and break free of alcoholism for good.

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